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Dion Insulation Sheet
Dion Insulation Sheet

dion insulation sheet

Dion Bubble Foil Insulation material is a new Environmentally-friendly heat insulation material, Which is soft, light weight and easy to install. It is made from aluminum foil and polyethylene. Compared with the AL/bubble/AL. it is thicker, Sun-proof and heat insulation and much more better.

This Material is placed on the sides of the wall As well as below the roof that needs to be insulated. Foil insulation is a reflective material that has the non-thermal conductor inside the foil that stops the heat generating inside the house or industry particularly from sunlight.


  • Roof, Wall, floor.
  • Shells of air conditioner and water heater.
  • Protective coating of water of water pipe and ventilating pipe.


Product Name DION “SR” (Pure Aluminum Foil + FR Air Bubble Film + Pure Aluminum Foil) DION “PR” (Pure Aluminum Foil + FR Air Bubble Film + Pure Aluminum Foil) Aerolam “AD” (Pure Aluminum Foil + Big FR Air Bubble Film + Pure Aluminum Foil)
Product Thickness 4MM 8MM 10MM
Reflectivity >95% >97% >97%
Bubble Size >10MM x 4MM >10MM x 4MM >10MM x 30MM
Color >Silver >Silver >Silver
Qty/Roll >48 Sq.meter >48 Sq.meter >48 Sq.meter
Dimension of Roll >1.2m W x 40m L >1.2m W x 40m L >1.2m W x 40m L




Available Products

> Trapezoidal Wave Profile

> Round Wave Profile

> Transparent Profile

> Plain Sheets



  • No Order and toxicity, environmentally-friendly.
  • Moisture barrier, sun-proof, waterproof, good sealing property, heat preservation, energy saving.
  • High R-Value performance, reflecting up to 97% of radiant heat.
  • Heat reflection, heat insulation, and sound insulation, anti-radiation, anti-vibration, and shielding.
  • Light, Soft, dust free, fire retardant, easy to install. Just roll the insulation out and staple into place.
  • Summer : moisture barrier, sun-proof, heat insulation, saving energy consumed by cool air conditioning.
  • Winter : heat preservation, central heating saving, and remarkable energy-saving effect.


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