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Benefits of DION uPVC Multilayer Roofing/Clading Sheets

  • Heat insulation up to 40%.
  • Excellent sound insulating properties.
  • Fire retardant - Non-combustible material conforms to international fire safety standards.
    Self-extinguishing does not propagate fire.
  • High Impact Strength.
  • Light weight: 3.5Kg/m2.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistance to acids, alkalis, salts and solvents, corrosion.
  • 100% protection against harmful U.V. radiations. (Resistance to the influence of
    ultra-violet rays & Highly UV protected)
  • Excellent Non Corrosive.
  • Climate Resistance - DION sheets can be use in any different climate.
  • Hail Resistance with stable volume.
  • Excellent Water Proof properties.
  • Excellent thermal insulation.
  • Highly flexible - can be bent perpendicular or parallel to the corrugation.
  • High Strength Characteristic: Tensile strength 38 Mpa, Flexural strength 45-55MPa,
    Impact Resistance 50-60kj/m2.
  • Temperature Resistance: Temperature usage Range: from -40 ˚C to +75 ˚C.
    Material withstands over 100 cycles of freezing and thawing.
  • Corrosive Resistance: Ideal use for corrosive industrial environments.
  • Moisture Resistance: Excellent use for some industries i.e. chemical, pharma,
    fertilizer, leather, process etc.
  • Non-conductor of electricity.
  • Resistance to the extreme weather conditions: snow, hail & high wind pressure.
  • Self-cleaning system.
  • Eco friendly & energy efficienct green product.
  • Rust proof - ideal for use in coastal regions.
  • Ability to withtand wind load, better usable in earthquake zones & coastal areas.
  • Non-Carcinogenic: Its good for life, fully protected from health hazards.
  • Hygienic - Suitable for contact with food stuffs, DION sheets can be used in the food industry.
  • Easiness of intallation : Easy to cut, sawed & nailed
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Economical Installation: save construction upto 70% and overlapping waste doesn't
    exceed 8%. High utilization efficiency up to 95%.
  • Increase labour productivity and machinery efficiency.
  • DION transparent sheets better for creation of sky-lights.
  • Wide variety of available colors. Good aesthetic appeal.
  • Wide Applications: DION sheets uses in Industrial, Commercial, Domestic& Agricultural.
  • Customizable: DION sheets can be use in Interior and Exterior as per customer's requirements.
  • Good Re-sale value: best usable for temporarily construction house or any project purpose.