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Product Features

features-environment-energyEnvironmental protection and energy conservation:

It is a kind of environmental-friendly, energy conservation and recycling building material popular in developed and developing countries.

light-weightLight Weight:

The weight is 3.5 kg per square meters (2mm). Belonging to light structural material, it can effectively reduce the load of the building and save the assumption of building framework materials. In the mean time, it is easy to be handled and lifted, which reduces the construction cost.

pressure-preventionPressure Prevention:

DION sheets has very good load bearing performance. No damaged when 150kg is evenly loaded with the support distance being 750mm.

sound-&-heat-insulationSound & Heat Insulation:

The coefficient of heat conductivity is 0.104 W/m.0 C, which is about 1/3 of clay tile, 1/5 of 10-mm-thick cement tile, and 1/2000 of 0.5 mm-thick color-coated steel tile. It can well absorb the noise when influenced by storm, hail and windstorm etc..

corrosion-resistanceCorrosion Resistance:

DION sheets can resist the chemical corrosion of acid, alkali, salt etc. for a long time. The test proves that there is no chemical reaction when dipped in the salt, alkali etc.

water-resistanceGood water resistance:

The surface material of DION is compact and doesn’t absorb water without the problem of water penetration by micro pores. The single sheet is big and there is very few joint on the roof. The connecting point is tightly connected; therefore the sheet has the outstanding water resistance performance.

flame-retardantFlame Retardant:

Self extinguishing, the main body material polyvinyl chloride resin and its chemical performance determine that it is difficult to be burned.

cost-effective-&-non-carcinogenicCost effective & Non-Carcinogenic:

Cost effective in installation and save construction up to 70%, overlapping waste doesn’t exceed 8%. High utilization efficiency upto 95% and its good for life fully protected from health hazards.