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Dion Turbo Air Ventilator
dion turbo air ventilator

ASA uPVC Sheet

DION Wind Turbo roof Air ventilators perform continuously for 365 days, 24 X 7 – continuously in motion, utilizing natural wind Energy. Roof Ventilators are totally weatherproof, dust and rain leak proof & can with stand very high wind velocity and extreme climatic condition. Running cost of motorized exhaust fans can be eliminated by implementing wind Turbine roof ventilators which do NOT REQUIRE POWER / ELECTRICITY, MOTOR, WIRING, MAINTENANCE or RUNNING COST. Wind Turbo Ventilators which are very light in weight and durable can be mounted on to any type of existing industrial roofs without disturbing the existing structure. Wind ventilators require vary minimal wind speed available to function and perform. Natural ventilator provides a safe, cool, healthier and more controlled environment by removing the entrapped heat, smoke, dust, odor, industrial particles, moisture and dampness ensuring better working environment, thus contributing to employees better Health and productivity.



Model 24”
Type Turbine Air Ventilators
No. of Sets 1
Overall Diameter 750mm
Overall Height 475
Wind Velocity (KMH) 8KMH (1950 Exhauster Appro.)
Temp Difference (C) 3 to 5(C)
Stake Height 10 to 20 FT.


Boil Room 15 – 60
Engine / DG Room 15 – 45
Compression Room 15 – 30
Factories 10 – 30
Process House 15 – 30
Packing Room 10 – 30
Transformer Room 12 – 30
Ware Houses 05 – 12
Paint Shop 15 – 35


Typhonic Spindle System
Top Cover & Under Cover
Hindalco Made Aluminum
2 mm Transparent FRP Sheet
Handmade Riveting
Nut Bolt Structure
6.5 kg Fan Weight
8 kg Dome Weight


Available Products

> Trapezoidal Wave Profile

> Round Wave Profile

> Transparent Profile

> Plain Sheets



  • A Translucent Opel Base Which Allows 22% of Natural Day Light Inside The Building (Optional).
  • UV Stabilized Suites All Short of Slop Roofs Can Be Installed to Deep RIB Profiles.
  • Impact and Trust Resistant Easy and Quick to Install.
  • Light Weight Available in Verity of Colors.


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